Organizations that understand how people operate - Knowing how people make decisions, being able to persuade customers to try a new product, understanding how to improve team communication – have a distinct competitive advantage.  I offer workshops designed to help organizations better understand human behavior. These half-day, on-site sessions draw heavily on my course Leadership in Organizations, one of the highest rated courses at the Kellogg School of Management.


Leadership, ultimately, is about making good decisions.  Yet we rarely step back to analyze the thought process we use to make important decisions.  The goal of this workshop is to help you make better decisions. Grounded in the science, but taught in a highly interactive way, this session identifies the decision traps we all face and offers strategies for how to avoid and overcome them. It is designed to help you think analytically about the ways decisions are made and provides practical skills for both better individual and team decision making.

Influence without Authority

Interpersonal influence and persuasion skills are among the strongest predictors of career advancement. The goal of this workshop is to help leaders refine those skills.  Research shows that our power to persuade is based on five factors. This session reveals how you can capitalize on each factor so you can more effectively sell your ideas and change people’s behavior.

Motivating Millennials

By 2016, 35% of the US workforce will be part of the so-called millennial generation.  By 2020, Millennials will represent the largest segment of the American workforce. So it’s in every organization’s interest to learn to how attract, motivate, and retain top millennial talent.  And Millennials bring a lot to the table. They are tech-savy, current with market trends, and skillful collaborators. But as companies are now beginning to discover, Millennials have a perspective on the workplace that differs from any generation before them.  In this session we will examine the science of motivation to understand how your company can position itself to attract the top talent of this generation, and keep them energized once they are in the door.  We will learn about what motivates and demotivates Millennials – what is it that they want in their next job and what is going to turn them off.  We then develop tailored strategies to help your company develop a work culture that will motivate across generations.

Leading High Performance Teams

Teams drive organizational progress, yet leading high-performance teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader. In this session participants will learn how to build and manage high-performing teams. These principles are reinforced through a high-stakes team competition.